Twenty Five Pictures from a San Louis Obispo Wedding - Sarah and Ron

March 12, 2023 Wedding Photography

The wedding photography to print and show

Anyone who's been reading this blog knows I've known Sarah since before she was born. Her dad, Mike, was a UCSB swim team pal and who I currently race with in a crazy event called Aquabike. We're headed to Ibiza, Spain this May for the world championships. He'll beat me of course, but we'll be doing some dancing in Ibiza afterwards. Our wifes, who do the running part of the triathlon will be home in bed after the race, but most likely not us. Because we don't run! Yay Aquabike!

Anyway, this blog is about Bend Wedding Photography, not racing with old friends.

So when you read on my Bend Wedding Photography website about how I end up with approximately 300 images to cull down first to 80 for the simulated album to show people and then to 25 to print for the portfolio wall you have to take it as a very rough approximation. For Sarah and Ron's San Louis Obispo wedding I ended up with 429 photos. You can see all of them at the Clients page of my Bend Wedding Photography website. All the photographs can be bought if you want to go through them later. Or you can just compare and contrast how I picked my 25 and 80 (approximately) for the wall and for the simulated album.

Looking at my various portfolios you'll notice my style gravitates towards high energy. I'm a newspaper photographer by training, experience, and at heart. At a news event people like me gravitate towards the loudest part of the action. That's what I do as a wedding photographer. It's also what I do when editing a wedding. So that's what you'll see.

One thing you'll never see in my portfolio of prints: detail shots of flowers, rings, shoes, lace, table settings, etc. Why? because who wants to have this hanging on their wall for the rest of their lives? You'll see this in the album because they help make a story of a wedding more intimate. You'll see them in the disk of images if you want to have my edit of the entire wedding.

The 25 pictures of this wedding are of course very slightly biased towards my friend Mike. You'll see him more than the other parents. I apologize for that, but you'll see everyone important here. All the guests are of course important, and my next wedding you'll see the 80 pictures I would choose for the album. Then we'll leave Sarah and Ron alone and move onto another wedding. I've been using them because the 429 photos are all on my computer still.

They'll just go in order so you can see the progression. Yay Sarah and Ron!