Wedding Ceremony Photography

The Heart of the Wedding

This is important: I stay out of the way

The ceremony is the core reason for the wedding. You're saying your vows, swearing an oath, starting your lives together. I will do the photography of this sacred moment from a distance and not interfere. I was trained as a photojournalist and will be up close and personal all day long, except at the ceremony. My style is to stand somewhere behind or near the aisle to get the walking of the bride, then I will move out and do pictures from the sides, backs, and kneeled in the aisle for the ceremony. Afterwards I will get that emotion and go back to my normal style. If you want a photographer to stand behind the celebrant during the ceremony and get up close during the vows, then you'll want a different photographer. If your wedding is indoors at the Sunriver Great Hall, I will sometimes be forced to pop a flash from the second floor balcony near the entrance. Otherwise I usually won't use a flash. Catholic weddings are nice because the priest won't allow any flash and will require the photographer to stay outside a certain radius. I'm totally fine with that and will adapt. This is the center of the entire wedding and I won't interfere, but will still get pictures.