Bend Oregon Wedding Photography Pricing

You're hiring a wedding photographer to save those happy feelings forever.

As a former newspaper photographer with 15 years of national award winning experience I am uniquely qualified to blend photojournalism and nicely lit fashion photography of your wedding day. I show up when you want me there and leave when it's done. There's no time limit.

My hope is you wanting an album to preserve your wedding day experience for the next several generations. In photojournalism school we learned it's more important to show HOW IT FELT to be at your wedding rather than just show your wedding. I want your descendants to be able to look at the pictures and have an idea of what kinds of people you are now.

However, not everyone wants an album. So I have three tiers of picture packages for you to choose from.



You get me, my lights, my cameras, working full-blast for however long you want me at your wedding. About a week after your wedding I put approximately 150-200 adjusted and ready to print photos of your wedding onto my proofing site for you to download.

Silver (the Apple iPad option)


Same as Bronze, but you get an Apple iPad with the images. The pictures will also be on the proofing site.



Same as the Bronze but including the iPad with images and fifteen 8x12 matted prints of your choosing in a portfolio box.

Engagement Portrait Photography


I am happy to do portraits here in Central Oregon. These images (15-25) are saved to the proofing site and can be printed or sent as digital images for any way you want to use them.

Wedding Photography Albums

Starting at $1,200

I only use the highest quality wedding photography albums made by Asukabook. You will love the weight and appearance of these heirloom books.


What is your wedding photography style?

I was trained as a photojournalist and worked as a full-time newspaper photographer for 15 years. Weddings aren't strict photojournalism. They have fashion, and they need people looking their best. Think of it as fashion photojournalism. This style is a big reason why you see me carrying a light around all day. That said, many people after the wedding tell me they didn't even see me working. Somehow I can be invisible even though I'm 6'5".

When will we get our photos?

I usually take between 5-10 days to get your wedding onto the proofing site. That said, sometimes I travel to Europe to shoot the occasional wedding, compete in a race, or visit my wife's family. Most of the time we would be traveling on the Wednesday after a Saturday wedding. In that case I would burn the midnight candle to get it done before leaving. Nobody wants to wait three months to get their pictures. We live in a get-it-done-today society. So I do my best to get the wedding done by the following Friday after a Saturday wedding. Sometimes I shoot a Saturday AND a Sunday wedding. In that case I still try to get them both done by the following Friday.

How many pictures will we receive?

I will put together a portfolio of 150-200 pictures and save them to a proofing site for you to download and share. For the extras I can save them to an iPad and make fifteen 8x12 matted prints of your choosing and put them into a fabulous portfolio box.

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