The Price of Professional Wedding Photography

My goal is to get wedding photography on your walls and/or into an album. I used to shoot a wedding and then burn a disk. My work is about the pictures.

Landscape photographer Ansel Adams called the negative the score and the print the performance. Pictures are my life, and amazing beautiful wedding photography hanging on your walls or saved to an album is my mission. You hire a wedding photographer to make the absolute best pictures possible at your wedding with the goal of hanging them on the wall. The first half of the work taking pictures is like writing the music. You need the digital files to sing the joy of your wedding as pictures on your walls. That's the other half, the half most people are overlooking now. Trust me when I say you don't want to have to edit through 300 pictures and try to get the 10-20 you want to keep forever. I'll do that for you, it's my work. The work I've been doing for 30 years and will happily do for you.

I charge a studio fee to show up and shoot your wedding. Then you can buy anywhere from one 8x12 print to multiple print packages, album packages and bigger prints.

Studio Fee


The studio fee is the price of me showing up to shoot your wedding with all of my equipment, experience, knowledge, and creative expertise. It is a down payment on wedding photography you will cherish for years to come.

Wedding Photography Prints

Starting at $180

A couple weeks after your wedding you will have 25 matted prints to choose from one to all 25. Three package sizes are available and are delivered in fabulous portfolio display boxes. The price per picture drops with larger package sizes.

Wedding Photography Albums

Starting at $1,200

I only use the highest quality wedding photography albums made by Asukabook. You will love the weight and appearance of these heirloom books.

Engagement Portrait Photography

Studio fee $400

I am happy to do portraits here in Central Oregon. These images can be printed or sent as digital images for any wedding day book you want to make.


What is your wedding photography style?

I was trained as a photojournalist and worked as a full-time newspaper photographer for 15 years. Weddings aren't strict photojournalism. They have fashion, and they need people looking their best. Think of it as fashion photojournalism. This style is a big reason why you see me carrying a light around all day. That said, many people after the wedding tell me they didn't even see me working. Somehow I can be invisible even though I'm 6'5".

Why aren't you like all the other photographers and just shoot and burn the pictures?

Awesome question I'm asking myself on this website! We were really disappointed with our wedding photographer. He didn't do good pictures and after spending a bunch of money we only printed one single lonely picture for our wall. I have a disk of images at home from our wedding I've barely looked at. My wife wants an album but I'm not inspired to put something together. And I'm a photographer. That's why I know most of the pictures I've sent out as digital images have never been looked at or printed. Please let me do my work. You will have a professional portfolio of pictures of your day made by a professional photojournalist with 30 years of experience looking at, editing, adjusting, and printing pictures.

When will we get our photos?

Between your wedding and when you see your photos about two weeks later, I edit, adjust, and finish about 300 pictures. Of these I print and mat 25 for the wall. I also get about 80 into a digital mock-up album for you to see when you get to the picture room. I don't do online galleries of a mass of pictures anymore. Pictures on walls or in albums are what you're paying me for. Let me do my work of photographer, editor, and custom printer so you don't have to do any of these jobs. A mountain of images overwhelms most non-photographers.

How many pictures will we receive?

I will put together a portfolio of 25 matted 8x12 pictures of your wedding and put them on a wall. (see the Wedding Photography Prints picture above) Pictures bought in the small, medium, and large, photo packages go into special portfolio boxes. Bigger pictures are available. This is all part of the studio fee. I don't really start making money from your wedding until you start buying pictures. So am I motivated to give you the best pictures possible? You bet I'm motivated. Albums are the place for more pictures if you want. (see the Wedding Photography Albums picture above) Plus, for the truly motivated I will sell you the approximately 300 digital images as JPEG's. I can sell the RAW images as well, but they cost more. On very rare occasions people want every picture I've shot at a wedding in RAW. I can do this, too, but it will cost mega-extra.

Is this cost structure good for people on a budget?

It's great for people on a budget. Let's say I shoot your wedding that might only go for 4 hours and you decide to only get a portrait and maybe a group shot for your home. You've spent less than $1,400 and have two matted and ready to frame 8x12's hanging in your home in two weeks made by a top professional photographer working hard for you to spend more. I'm highly motivated to make you happy with your pictures. You will most likely want to spend more than what your budget dictates. If you can't buy more that day, I keep the pictures in files for you to buy later.

Is this cost structure good for people not on a budget?

It's awesome for people wanting to have the deluxe treatment! Want a 20x30 image for your wall? Come on down. Want a large photo package and a large album? Come on down. Want metal printing, canvas printing, extra albums for less money, super sized pictures? Come on down, I have you covered. Plus you'll get all of these things finished quickly and without fuss.

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