Bend Oregon Wedding Photography

Why I love wedding photography

About midway through my time working as a newspaper photographer I started shooting weddings here in Bend. Most photojournalists won't shoot weddings. I was warned away from them. Then one day a newspaper coworker had a friend who wanted pictures from their wedding and he asked if I would do them. The wedding was here in Bend and very low-key. While doing the pictures I realized it was much more fun being a wedding photographer than what my photojournalist friends had described. I loved seeing the couple being so happy to be married. I loved the positive energy. I loved how the couple really enjoyed their pictures. I loved seeing a set of pictures showing the beginning, middle and end of a really fun day. A short story of peoples lives showing what they are like now and saving it for the future.

Since that first humble wedding, I've studied the art of wedding photography and the work of the great photographers. I've learned how to use remote lighting and now apply it to almost every situation during the day. I've also learned how to shift straight photojournalism like what's found in newspapers to more of the fashion photojournalism found in wedding photography.

I've also moved away from the shoot/burn business strategy of most of the wedding photographers here in Bend, Oregon. My goal is to start a movement toward sustainability in photography in Central Oregon. My fee to show up and shoot your wedding is $800. After that you can buy one print with a price starting at $180, or collections of prints and/or albums. I will still burn the edited and adjusted images but the disk will cost money and you will still have to print the images you want. I love the idea of me having the challenge of making the best pictures possible at your wedding and you having to pick and choose what pictures go onto your walls and into your album. Because ultimately pictures need to be shown. It's the final performance of my work and what will bring happiness for you and your future generations.

The wedding photography portfolios in this site shows this. Please contact me for more information. This is my Bend Wedding Photography website. Here is my Bend Portrait Photography website.