Wedding Reception Photography

Reception Photography

A photojournalists bread and butter

Living in San Francisco when first studying photojournalism at San Francisco State allowed me to practice doing pictures of my friends going out partying on the weekends. Celebrating, partying, dancing, having fun are central to my photography. It's a big reason why I love wedding photography so much, because it has been at the core of my style of shooting for 30 years. If you're planning a quiet back-yard wedding or a wedding with only a handful of people, I'll shoot it, and shoot it well, but my true talents of capturing decisive moments again and again in a short amount of time will be wasted. I use a fashion lighting system set up in a corner someplace during the reception to get natural looking pictures of you having a great time. Not only does the light look fabulous, but I move through the reception all but unnoticed with the lack of a flash popping in your face. If wedding reception photography is important to you, then I'm your photographer.