Wedding Day Portrait Photography

Work Fast, Aim High

When experience as a working photojournalist comes in handy

The pictures you see on this page were mostly made in a very brief window of time during the wedding. Some couples place a higher priority on wedding day portraits and will give me more time and space to work. Others want to spend more time with their family and friends. I follow the principle of Observe, Orient, Decide, Act continuously during the day and this really kicks into high gear during the brief portrait session. These are the pictures people hang on their walls and get passed down through the generations. What kinds of people are you and how can I show that in your portraits? I don't change you to fit my style, I change my style to fit you. Adapting to situations is the cornerstone of photojournalism, making you look awesome is the foundation of wedding photography. As a photographer with a deep well of experience to draw on I will make your portraits both reflect who you are as people and help you look fabulous.