March 7, 2023

Welcome to the blog!

Wedding Photography

Getting started once again with a wedding photography website. Yay!

In photojournalism the saying goes: "You're only as good as your last picture." This is the last picture done at my last wedding. Unfortunately the auto-cropping feature cut the edges of this "Last Supper" with the wedding party and Father of the Bride, but one gets the idea. And it's the last wedding picture I did.

This wedding was in San Louis Obispo and the Father of the Bride (the guy in black to the right of the groom) is one of my UCSB swim team friends. I did pictures at his wedding many years ago while in photojournalism school at SF State. Now I had the super fun opportunity to shoot his daughter's wedding.

The wedding was a great time for all involved.

I'll get to the wedding in a future blog post. Right now my purpose is to talk about the main purpose of this blog: to share keywords and links to boost this any my other site for Bend Portrait Photography.

To be honest, how many people read blogs nowadays? It would be marvelous if you did, but by the time the SEO robots get to raising my page this post will be buried under a pile of other posts and not seen.

I also do landscape photography and am debating where to link. There's an Etsy site with my work at PetePhoto, but with all the fees and taxes I don't make any money selling pictures there. So maybe set up another site with the same prices but the money goes into mine and Uncle Sam's pockets instead of Etsy. We'll see.

Right now, this site is allegedly up and pointing to the name at the Squarespace hosting site, but it's not there yet and I'm getting worried. Computers and sites with all the "host" this, "password" that confusion going on leaves me in a cloud of dust. You don't really get anything done besides trying to avoid mistakes that will keep the site off the internet.

Besides sharing keywords to boost my site, I'll be talking about Landscape Photography, Editing Choices and of course Portrait Photography. There's other stuff I would love to talk about and share, but time and space are limited.

My ambitious goal with this blog, to help boost my wedding and portrait photography sites is to do one post per day for 100 days. A couple weeks in there will be difficult because I'll be out of town, but other than those times 100X100. I might try for rotating through the four topics so it doesn't get boring.

So until then, see you later from Pete Erickson, Bend Wedding Photographer and Bend Portrait Photographer.