Adapting to Reality and Changing my Bend Wedding Photography Pricing

October 9, 2023 Editing Choices, Wedding Photography

Straightforward Pricing for Straightforward People

Sink or Swim. I choose Swim.

As an artist my goal is to be creative and share the joy of creativity with people through the medium of photographic prints. I was really pushing this idea with the wedding photography and had set my business up for printing. However, it seems people really want digital images to sort through and print on their own here in Central Oregon.

I'm totally fine with that. It just makes me sad, because the printing and portfolio boxes people were getting put the photography on a new, higher level.

That said, the customer is always right. To adapt I have three packages Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I also will make prints in a portfolio box and do albums if people would rather. The prices for printing and albums are the same as what they were before, I'll be pushing it, but people can choose which they want and the investments page will only show the shoot and burn pricing.