March 8, 2023

Welcome to my portrait photography. Yay!

Portrait Photography

Quinn and Jack's engagement portraits

Let's start at the beginning for Quinn and Jack's engagement portraits. Quinn's stepmother, Elizabeth, is the sister of my high school science lab partner, Robert. She lives still in the Bay Area with her family and calls me when they come to visit Bend. On this occasion she wanted both family portraits and engagement portraits of Quinn and Jack.

As some of you know, I went to school at UC Santa Barbara. It turns out Quinn went to UC Santa Barbara and played soccer there. Since she and her fiancé were also visiting I threw in an engagement session for them. Sadly I wasn't able to shoot their wedding. Sometimes it happens people will be in Bend for the portraits and in another place for the wedding. I don't know if they realize a photographer can also travel to the wedding to do the pictures and I would've loved to do that with these two.

That said, we started the family portrait session and the start of the engagement portraits at the Aspen boat ramp on the Deschutes River Trail then moved up the road a couple miles to Dillon Falls for the rest of the portraits with the setting sun. I absolutely love Dillon Falls for all kinds of portrait photography. I actually shot my first wedding where someone called me to shoot the wedding at Dillon Falls. But that's another story for another time.

Speaking of portraits, family portraits, dating app portraits, headshots, pet portraits I have a Bend Portrait Photography website separate from this one for you to check out if you want.

Anyway, I used both my Profoto light and natural light for these pictures. Whenever I can just use natural light I will jump on the moment because quality natural light can't really be repeated with artificial light. For these pictures the shots of them in the field standing in the beam of light are all with natural light whereas the other pictures are done with the Profoto.

It really helps when people like Quinn and Jack are so comfortable in front of a camera. I can focus more on doing the pictures and being creative when this happens. I always tell people to relax and be themselves, but this can sometimes take awhile to start happening.

So when I show people the pictures of their engagement portrait session, they see ten pictures. People can buy one to ten or get a better deal on three, five, or all ten. I do the picking. People can have prints, digital or both, it all costs the same. So here's the ten I picked. Most people looking at the entire session of pictures (about 300) would pick the same ten.

I wish them all the happiness their lives can bring them. Success in work. And a good community to live.